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Need a promotional video for your business?

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What we do

We create short promotional videos for your business that help tell your story. These videos are ideal for marketing via social media and your website.  Look at the example of our work below.


Who we are is owned and operated by Johan Kok. He is a passionate and experienced Auckland based wildlife and sports photographer, as well as a filmaker with a Diploma in Digital film from the Southern Institute of Technology. You can read more about Johan here and also browse our site to see the quality of his work.


What we offer

We deliver a complete end to end video production service for small to medium size businesses. The process starts with a discussion of your needs and mapping out the story you want to tell through the video we will create.

Together we will develop a script and plan a day or two to shoot the footage depending on what is required. From here we move onto post-production where we create a number of draft versions of your video and collaborate untill we achieve the result you are looking for.


How we deliver

We take our work seriously so we only use the best equipment.  This comes in the form of Panasonic's top of the line Lumix GH5 camera and an assortment of lenses and accessories. The camera is well-known for its exceptional video capability and widely considered the best in its class. Filming is only part of the solution and all of our post production is done in Davinci Resolve Studio, a professional colour grading and editing solution.

The final product will be a complete promotional video up to 2 mins in length, perfect for websites and social media.


Call us NOW on 021 022 09719 or email


BTS Promotional Video for Short Film Son's of Blackbird

Corporate Promo Example 1

Promotional Video Example

Event Video Example

Short Interview Exmple

Corporate Promo Example 2

Product Video for Zircon Pets

Music and Event Promo Example

A documentary I am working on

Social Media Post Video

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