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What we do

We offer photographic services at events in the Auckland region including: birthdays, coporate events, festivals, community events, sports events, club sports, school sports, running, triathlon, swimming, rugby, hockey and more. Have a look at what we offer to learn how we can help with your event photography needs.  Please contact us to make a booking or discuss your options now.


Who we are is owned and operated by Johan Kok. He is a passionate and experienced Auckland based wildlife and sports photographer. You can read more about Johan here and also browse our site to see the quality of his images.


What we offer

We have a number of different options (see below) to suit different types and sizes of events while keeping prices simple and afforable. Our services don't just include the photography at your event, we can also organise digital downloads or prints of the photos on your behalf. We do this by hosting the event photos on our website to allow secure downloads or print sales.


How we deliver

We take our photography seriously so we only use the best equipment.  This comes in the form of Panasonic's top of the line Lumix GH5 camera. The camera is best known for its exceptional video but widely underated for it's amazing photo capability. Having moved from a Canon 7D mark II I have been extremely impressed by the GH5's capability as a sports camera.

The main lenses we use is the Panasonic Leica 12-35 f/2.8 & DG 100-400 f/4.0-6.3. Both these lenses give really sharp images and a wonderful bokeh (background blur) while the zoom allows us the flexibility we need during the event without swapping lenses every few minutes. We also have additional equipment like lights and flashes for when these are required.

Photos are stored and backed up in-camera with dual SD cards to prevent any data loss during the event. We always carry spare SD cards and batteries so there is no chance of leaving our clients dissapointed and ourselves red-faced.

There are many ways in which we can deliver the images to you, that is if you would like direct delivery. Instead we can host the photos directly on our site in a stunning gallery where participants can download the images directly or even order prints. If competitors carry unique visible numbers or names during the event we will tag the photos with these to make them easily searchable on our site.



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