Johan Kok

Johan has always been passionate about the outdoors. He grew up in South Africa where he spent most of his time in the African bush interacting with and learning about the great biodiversity of his birthplace. His interest in photography started at a young age with a Pentax K1000 camera that his dad gave to him.

Still images were never enough to tell the full story and his interest gravitated slowly toward moving images. Later in life this lead to him obtaining a Diploma in Digital Film from the Southern Institute of Technology to further develop his passion for film-making.

Wildlife has always been his main passion with birds  a long time favourite subject.  However, he loves to photograph or film anything that lives, large or small, above or below the water. With a background in entomology and environmental management, he understands the value of our environment and the creatures that abound on our planet. He tries to capture a small part of our planet’s incredible biodiversity so that others can grasp how valuable each species is.

It has only been in more recent times that Johan started taking steps toward realising his dream of becoming a professional filmmaker/photographer with the birth of is Johan's platform to showcase his work and build a base of clients that he is dedicated to providing a leading photography and video production service for.

Photograph - Share - Inspire

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